What is the difference between E5 and the Apprenticeship program?

The E5 Camp is our IN-HOUSE marketing methodology and the program teaches that method. As a result, everything we teach will have those concepts within them.

E5 Camp is a module based topical program as opposed to a macro view lecture style program such as the Apprenticeship Experience. They both cover a lot of similar topics. However, understanding the purpose of each program is crucial to understanding the difference. The Apprenticeship Experience was Todd training Dave on all of the things he needs to know to be an effective Direct Response Marketer…

…As a result, you have a lot of topics covered and they tend to weave in and out of various sessions. The Apprenticeship Experience is the program we recommend our employees go through as it gives a high-level view, providing you with the whole picture. The next program I recommend after the Apprenticeship Experience is E5 Camp because it fills the holes, it fills in whatever gaps may have been missed or not emphasized enough. Todd has mentioned in passing that E5 Camp is his life’s work. I think that statement alone says A LOT.