What are the differences between the Apprenticeship Experience and Acquire & Monetize?

The differences between the Acquire & Monetize and the Apprenticeship Experience is that the Apprenticeship Experience was Todd training David on all of the things he needs to know to be an effective Direct Response Marketer in real life. It has a lot of topics covered and they tend to weave in and out of various sessions and is recommended for employees to go through as it gives a high-level view, providing a whole picture.

Acquire and Monetize is an exclusive online training academy and community for “direct marketing focused” entrepreneurs and marketers who want to acquire more customers and better monetize those customers, on-going for greater profits. Basically, you get the brand-new weekly training where Todd Brown will share with you the most effective techniques working today to generate new customers and increase your overall sales. You also get the guidance and feedback you need to make sure your marketing campaigns and initiatives are on track and dialed in to get the BIG results you want and need! In addition, you will also get to connect with other A&M entrepreneurs as well, giving you another helpful resource in your marketing endeavors.