Is there Live Implementation for E5 Camp?

Great question, we have a Secret Facebook Group where Todd, Damian, and some other faculty contribute to the conversation (questions....).

The Live Implementation Calls were a part of the Elevate program which is our highest-level coaching program, $15-$18k. For the first 8 weeks, we had would go through E5 Camp and every week they would hop on a call with Todd & David who would help answer questions.

E5 Camp replaced our Partnership Coaching Program, which included a Live Implementation Session as well. However, that price point was $5k.

As we looked into the price point, we realized we needed to make this program more accessible. So, we included the live implementation recordings while getting rid of the live calls and dropped the price substantially.

The nice thing is, aside from the price being A LOT lower is that most of the questions people have are always asked. Meaning, the recordings will answer a lot of questions you have. For all other questions, I would ask them in the Facebook group.